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Performance training for all levels of sport

excellance is an ongoing process.  all of our clients are trained by the same coaches that train numerous professional athletes....imagine the results you could achieve!  If you are a collegiate athlete preparing for the NFL combine, or a high school athlete fighting for the starting spot.  Elite sports and fitness offers a superior training system than you simply cannot  get on your own or in a group setting.  Schedule your free trial today and see the elite difference.

The Right Results

a linebacker and a quarterback have drastically different needs.  this is just one example of countless COMPARISONS across all sports.  whether you play hockey, lacrosse, wrestle, golf, baseball, field hockey, swimming, etc.  athletes of different sports are SUSCEPTIBLE to different overuse injuries and imbalances.  elite is focused on identifying these needs and implementing a program that produces real results.  There is no faking it when it comes to results, they are either there or they're not.

​​​No-Nonsense Training for Real Results

It starts with our assessment and goal setting.  There are no fads or fillers  with elite's performance training model.  We will train you with the same attention to detail that we train our olympic and Professional Athletes.

At elite we use functional anatomy and biomechanics to reverse kinetic chain dysfunction to help the body function as efficient as possible while reducing the risk of injury and improving athletic ability and/or general quality of life.

Flexibility training affects the neuromuscular system by improving the connection between the nervous system and the muscular.  once kinetic chain dysfunction is identified corrective exercises are implemented to address and correct these issues.  overactive muscles will need to be lengthened and under active muscles will need to be strengthened.  the end goal of this program is to create neuromuscular efficiency which means the neuromuscular system allows all muscles surrounding the joint to concentrically produce force, eccentrically reduce force, and dynamically stabilize the kinetic chain in all three planes of motion.  Think of this as a car engine firing on only half of its cylinders.  We want to make sure we are utilizing your bodies full potential as we progress you through your program in order to achieve ultimate success.

the body is trained over time to take the path of least resistance which allows it to move as efficient as possible even if it means doing so through altered movement patterns called relative flexibility.  effectively altered movement patterns are INDICATIVE of neuromuscular efficiency that is not optimal.  correcting these issues is essential for any athlete to achieve their full potential and to begin the training process.

The transfer to your individual sport is our  main focus for every athlete.  It is one thing to be able to move a lot of weight but unless you're a power lifter this does not always translate to your sport.  Strength is important yes, but the right strength, mobility, and power are essential to unlocking your full potential as an athlete.  Think about it, every single athlete across the country practices multiple days per week, trains with their team after school, and has a full academic schedule and grades to worry about above all.  We get that, but it takes DISCIPLINE, determinations, and laser focus to compete at a higher level.  It is those who seek out that something extra like Elite that truly SEPARATE themselves from the competition.  Come see what it really takes to tap into your true potential, and remember potential means nothing, it simply states you haven't done it yet!